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If so, then greet the element of air as it brings forth inspiration and change.

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The sun shining down on you can symbolize fire, as can landscape lighting that illuminates the garden path. The feminine, fertile element of water can be represented in many guises: a natural body of water, such as a nearby creek or pond; a garden fountain; a birdbath for our feathered friends to splash about in; the rain that falls or dewdrops dangling on the leaves of the plants—all are representations of this element. Becoming more viscerally aware of these magickal elements and the very foundations of nature makes us all part of something greater and more magickally meaningful.

When we work our green magick in harmony with the elements and the natural world, we share something far older than just gardening. Here, we touch an ethereal connection to the basic harmonies of creation. This act then actually allows us to connect with the final element of spirit.

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As Witches and Green Magicians, we come into contact with the powers of creation and divinity every day, no matter where we live. Our lives become enriched by the deities of the earth, the powers of the changing seasons, and the truly awesome force of nature.

It is important to grasp that this intimate connection to the earth over time will help our spirituality become deeper, more personal, and more meaningful. On the most basic level, our spellcraft becomes more powerful as we become more in tune with the earth. Since most of us live in the cities or in the suburbs, not snuggled into a cottage deep in the woods, we experience a greater challenge when we wish to renew or expand our connection to the natural world. But fortunately, you can find traces of this primal magick just about anywhere.

The first place to look is within. Make up your mind, here and now, to search for and to find the energies of nature, no matter where you live. Then you can turn your attention to the trees and plants that share your surroundings. Within the world of the urban grove and garden, the force of nature is very much alive and present, for here lives a smaller version of the wild places and the great woodlands. In my book Garden Witchery , I showed you that magickal plants are all around you and easy to grow in the home landscape. I encouraged you to live a little and to surround yourself with these charming plants and to link back into the enchantment of nature.

Garden Witchery taught you how to practically incorporate both gardening and herbalism into your magickal practices. This book of more advanced green magick techniques is written for the Witch, for the magickal herbalist, and for those who search for the sacred and the divine in nature. They can, in reality, influence your green spirituality.

When people set out to create a magickal garden, they are, in fact, expressing their own personalities in the overall design. As we transform our yards and personal spaces into magickal, secret gardens and sacred groves, we begin to appreciate these areas as places of growth not only for the assorted plants and trees but for ourselves as well.

Gardening is good for the mind, body, and spirit. If a garden is to reflect the mystical and the sacred side of nature, then it has to be diverse, just like us. There are many different types of trees, herbs, and flowers—and magick—to incorporate into your spiritual plan. The rest of this chapter will discuss the foundations of good magickal gardening design—a discussion on style, space, and how to get a little enchanted garden atmosphere going. This is green magick at its most basic and elemental.

There are even pointers on how to correctly work with color schemes in the garden. Whenever I teach a class on herbs and gardening, be it to magickal folks or mundane, I typically get questions about how to create a mood or theme in a garden. The ambiance of a garden is everything. After a while, you want your garden to flow together and to set an atmosphere or theme. For magickal practitioners, that theme is likely going to be an enchanted one. One of the most popular garden themes today is a faerie garden.

As a Witch, this always makes me chuckle. If you mention faerie gardens even to the most sedate crowd, the whole room perks up. Questions start being fired off, and everyone gets enthusiastic. What type of garden are you dreaming of?

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What would you do if you could just go crazy in the garden? Maybe you wish to plant a bigger enchanted herb garden full of magickal plants for spells and charms. How about a handy Kitchen Witch garden full of veggies and culinary herbs? The choice is completely up to you. By applying these advanced techniques and by tweaking the design a bit further, you can conjure up the atmosphere that you want. Have fun incorporating these practical ideas and tips into your garden of witchery.

Dare to turn a simple garden into one that inspires you spiritually and transforms your dreams into something spectacular. Make no mistake, the fastest way to turn a pedestrian flower bed into an enchanting garden is to get a little atmosphere going. We make use of the basic elements of design not only to beautify but to increase our perception of the environment.

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This helps us to open up and to receive the messages and secrets that are inherent in the natural and the magickal world. Creative design is what turns a collection of trees, herbs, perennials, and flowers into a garden. The clarity and color schemes found in your magickal garden give focus to your goals and intentions. The complexity in your plant forms, such as texture and pattern, will make for a sensual garden that begs to be touched, sniffed, and enjoyed. Create a refuge, add a sense of mystery, and be conscious of the flow of energy when creating a magickal garden.

Pay attention to your intuition, and work on improving the mood and the overall aura, or atmosphere, that you are attempting to achieve in your landscape.

The Faeries' Guide To Green Magick From The Garden

The best gardens all share a few main qualities, even though the styles and themes may be radically different. These design qualities are clarity, complexity, mystery, and refuge.

This defines the perimeter of the garden and the use of pathways. Where does your magickal garden begin? Where does it lead, and where does it end? The clever use of a clearly defined entrance, or threshold, into the garden makes it special and welcomes you in. A good garden threshold area is like a welcoming embrace. The threshold into a garden is an.

This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Personal Growth. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Every Witch needs a little corner of the world to tend. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. These are lessons only for the brave. Green Magick and Spirituality Nature is the symbol of spirit.

Magickal Inspiration and Garden Design Gardeners are like landscape painters. Their canvas is the soil, their paints the vast array of living flowers, trees, and shrubs. Creating Magickal Gardens with Atmosphere Nature uses human imagination to lift her work of creation to even higher levels.

The Enchanting Elements of Design All of nature wears one universal grin. Clarity This defines the perimeter of the garden and the use of pathways. The threshold into a garden is an in-between place that is full of possibilities and enchantment. Start your free 30 days.

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