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Them bones, them bones, them dancing bones, Them bones, them bones, them dancing bones, Them bones, them bones, them dancing bones, Doin' the Skeleton Dance. The toe bone connected to the heel bone, The heel bone connected to the foot bone, The foot bone connected to the leg bone, Doin' the Skeleton Dance.

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Strap on some parachute pants and velcro high top shoes… and and make that skeleton break dance. A moon walk, back spin, or the centipede will do.

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And so it is when you make the skeleton dance. Okay, back to The Burgle: There are few places in America with less going for it in the media.

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  • Innocent people were just killed. The media painted its citizens as mouth-breathing psychopaths.

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      Yes the thigh bone connected to the back bone, The back bone connected to the neck bone, The neck bone connected to the head bone, Doin' the Skeleton Dance. Them bones, them bones , them dancing bones, Them bones, them bones , them dancing bones, Them bones, them bones , them dancing bones, Doin' the Skeleton Dance. New release!