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WikiLeaks then got in on the act, tweeting out a map of the route the plane was taking. That led to speculation online that Trump was going to visit troops in Afghanistan, or to pay his respects to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who reportedly recently told the president that Turkey would take responsibility for finishing off the Islamic State if the U.

WikiLeaks then tweeted that the plane's transponders — the device used to to track plane flights — were either changed or disabled near Romania.

WikiLeaks' War on Secrecy: Truth's Consequences

Paul Reickhoff, an Iraq War veteran and founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, questioned the White House's operational security measures on Twitter, saying it's "a bit troubling that so many folks seem to already know about this if it hasn't happened already. Better late than never. OpSec anyone?

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The online tracking appeared to thwart, to an unusual degree, the security protocols that often have kept the plane's movements obscured on visits to war zones in the past. The plane's shades were drawn and lights were out for much of the hour trip for security reasons, according to a Reuters reporter who was on the flight.

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  • The need for an American president to slip furtively into Iraq or Afghanistan under the cover of darkness has been cited as an embarrassing reminder that American military might, and huge expenditures, had failed to secure those countries. On Friday night, its press office released dramatic photos showing Mr.

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    Trump disembarking from his darkened airplane and walking in silhouette across the tarmac. Thirteen reporters and photographers joined Mr. Trump on his trip, but the White House took extreme precautions to ensure that no one revealed his destination. Journalists, instructed to assemble on the roof of a parking garage in the capital on Wednesday evening, were driven to Joint Base Andrews near Washington, where Secret Service agents confiscated their cellphones and other devices capable of transmitting their location.

    Shades of Secrecy: Prequel Novella

    White House officials would not confirm Mr. Even the president surrendered his phone. Cognizant that a long absence from Twitter was sure to draw notice and arouse suspicions about Mr. Earlier that evening, Mr. Trump had stolen out of Palm Beach, Fla. Leaving behind the modified with blue-and-white markings known as Air Force One when the president is on it, Mr.

    Trump secretly flew to Washington and boarded a twin version of the plane, which had been hidden from public view in a giant hangar that reporters were prohibited from photographing. In the darkness of the night, Air Force One departed with shades drawn and running lights off. In keeping with the practice of past administrations, the White House lifted the embargo only after the president had been in Afghanistan for nearly three hours and was preparing to depart.

    Narcissist/Codependent/Psychopathic Relationships and The Role Of Secrecy

    Grisham said. On this trip, Mr.

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