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I live forever. I live for the children of this world, so they can experience the true joy of Christmas and celebrating our traditions with their families. I have to live in a place where nobody can access me, Mrs Claus or the elves.

Otherwise, I would be inundated with selfie requests from parents and children begging me for toys all year round. Well now you know why I chose the North Pole to live, because they have lots of Reindeer. Many many years ago I had interviews to search for my top nine reindeer who would accompany me around the world every year. Did you know the names of the magical flying animals came from a poem from called The Night Before Christmas?

Ah yes, the most famous reindeer, Rudolph! Why yes Santa, it arrived from Ireland with priority post today.

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Yes, yes! I have it is now with the Elves who are busy working away on your special delivery! Yes of course Bobby. I am so glad you have asked me to do this. Cyber bullying, or being mean to people is not cool! In fact, Bobby, did you know that being really mean to people could result in you breaking the law. Google will remember your mean comments forever, and I know Google very well! My favourite social network is Facebook. You know, I get to see all the Mums and Dads on there, so proud of their children. I also like Facebook because it allows me to share my travels from the North Pole around the world on Facebook Live and I can share a little bit of Christmas Eve magic with parents who then show their children.

Q You are always talking about children writing their list, but are you building your list — your email list that is? We know how important it is to converting prospects into customers. Ho Ho Ho Joanne! You are so very funny! Yes Yes! You are so digitally smart! I love your podcast for those tips and tricks!

I might talk to you about my blogging strategy separately! But when are you going to embrace Stories — on Snapchat and Instagram? But I hear you. I know lots of younger people like Stories, so I will be also taking your advice and using Snapchat and Insta more in When are you going to work with President Trump in the White House? Santa thank you to you, Mrs Claus and to your elves and virtual assistants for all the excellent work you do!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a relaxing New Year! In this part of the show I give shout-outs to individuals, organisations or brands that are remarkable online and worth talking about. Today I want to give shout-outs to the people and organisations who work alongside me at Digital Training Institute.

Firstly, to my clients! Those organisations who invest in digital transformation and trust us to take them through the process. To the many clients who hire us for digital training in all forms — thank you for letting us be your training partner. This year was a year I got the opportunity to work with Google as a trainer. In this part of the show I usually bring the voice of my listeners onto the podcast.

But this week I have a listener in studio. Kathryn runs an entertainment PR agency in Dublin and responded to my social media call-out for ideas for my Christmas special podcast. In this Christmas Special episode, I hand the power of my podcast over to Kathryn and sit in the interviewee hot seat! If you are an organisation seeking to transform digitally then please do get in touch. Nick, the devil. Skeat, Walter W. Concise Dictionary of English Etymology. Ware: Wordsworth Editions Ltd, , p. Devil : Besides the name Satan, he is also called Beelzebub, Lucifer. Oxford English Dictionary.

Something else that fashioned our modern day Santa was the popular medieval Christmas plays of the tenth through the sixteenth century. These miracle, moral, mystery and passion dramas acted out scenes from the scriptures and the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. Combining humor and religion, they flourished during the fifteenth century.

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It is significant that St. Nicholas was a dominant theme among these plays. Much of the myth and outlandish miracles of St. Nicholas originated from these dramas. And much of the bizarre characteristics of Santa were planted in these Christmas plays. Notice in the following excerpt from Teutonic Mythology where Nicholas converts himself into the Knecht Ruprecht [the devil], a "man of Clobes" or a "man of Claus. Nicholas into Santa Claus from the devil Knecht Ruprecht was in full throttle. Most people have no idea where this came from, and more important whom it came from.

Notice the description of the devil as "shaggy, hairy," etc. Another extremely popular character dominating the medieval plays was Robin Goodfellow Robin Hood was created from him. Robin Goodfellow was a caricature of the devil, dressed with horns, shaggy, furs, and cloven feet. Wright, reveals "Robin itself was a medieval nickname for the devil" and "Robin's trademark laugh is "Ho Ho Ho!

Author Tony Renterghem, concludes his extensive research into the origin of Santa with the following statement:. Note: Herne or Pan is the horned god. It is common knowledge that Pan and Herne are popular names for Satan. LaVey, Anton Szandor. The Satanic Bible.

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New York: Avon Books, Inc. It is published by the prestigious McFarland Publishers, a leading publisher of reference and academic books. This book carries no Christian bias, but is simply a secular, non Christian scholastic study. With that in mind, the following analysis by Siefkler is even more alarming: The fact is that Santa and Satan are alter egos, brothers; they have the same origin.

On the surface, the two figures are polar opposites, but underneath they share the same parent, and both retain many of the old symbols associated with their "father". From these two paths, he arrived at both the warmth of our fireplace and in the flames of hell. Matthew You ever noticed how easy it is to transform "Satan" from "Santa"?

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Just move the "n" to the end. And presto! Obviously, there are many that tie the two together. The rearranging of letters called anagrams to hide secret names or words has long been practiced in the occult. The Jewish Encyclopedia writes of the Jewish occult book called the Cabala:.

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One of the most well known anagram in the occult world is the name of Sanat Kumara. Sanat is better known as Satan. In occult writings, Lucifer and Venus are one and the same. Satan, the Serpent of Genesis is the real creator and benefactor , the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he.

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Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine , Vol 3, p. It is also worth noting, Santa is Spanish for holy. Santa is also from the Latin word sanctus which means also saintly, holy. Our English words "saint, sanctify, et al" comes from santa. The Alice Bailey founded new age, occult publishing company was originally named Lucifer Publishing Company but in the name was cleverly changed to Lucis Trust.

By the way, the Lucifer worshipping Lucis Trust is a major player in the works of the United Nations, formerly located in the United Nations building but now located on prime-time Wall Street. He is a well-known character. Walter W. Sleay, Concise Dictionary of English Etymology , p. A teaser for the film says, "If your mother was an angel and your father was the devil you'd be messed up too.