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Nothing that haunts me. I do have a brother that served in Desert Storm, a lot from his platoon now have lou garrics desease from where they had driven trucks up into Iraq. It took the government a long time to say that is what caused it and for them to get benefits to care for them. There are things I wish I had done… have I caused pain to anyone… not intentionally. Bless all those that have and still serve and protect us all. I do think the military needs all the thanks and supports that we, as a nation, can provide.

Thanks for sharing! I try very hard not to hurt or offend people, as I know how bad it feels. I think everyone has regrets. My niece and her husband are in the military-a big shout out to them! My son is an active duty Marine. We have various members of the family who served proudly. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Toggle navigation. Hi Kelly and welcome to HJ! Please summarize the book for the readers here: Return to Me is book one in a new series called Covington Cove, which takes place in beautiful Wilmington, NC. Cole used to be a literary agent before enlisting in the military to assuage his guilt. Please tell us a little about the characters in your book. As you wrote your protagonist was there anything about them that surprised you? What, in your mind, distinguishes this book from other books out there in the same genre?

Did any scene have you crying or laughing or blushing while writing it? If your book was optioned for a movie, what scene would you use for the audition of the main characters? Ooh, tough one. What are you currently working on? What other releases do you have planned for ? Thanks for blogging at HJ! Please give a shout out to anyone you know in active duty or retired from the military. Like this: Like Loading Unpleasant to say the least. My brother in law retired marine. Thanks for stopping by!

More importantly, from a Vikings' fan's perspective, with the exception of his first club, Wimbledon in , the Kiwi's influence had brought major honours to all the clubs he'd raced for. No more so was this noted than by the team he'd been signed from, Exeter.

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The Falcons raced at one of the most intimidating circuits in the world and although that provided the team with a big home advantage, on their travels they often struggled. Furthermore, being located out on a limb in Devon, this meant that journey times to home meetings were long so star names avoided Exeter Speedway as much as they could.

That all changed when Mauger joined them in and he brought with him a new level of professionalism, new riders and, more importantly, pride and determination. By the following year the Falcons had won the league championship and transformed themselves into a competitive side on any track. Therefore, the Hull management, fans and the man himself hoped and planned to do the same for the Vikings.

However, as a relative newcomer to the British League, Hull were not so much a Cinderella club as more like the ugly sister, having been to the ball once already and returned with the Inter-League Knockout Cup in that memorable summer of ' The ambitious management wanted more though, much more. And American Kelly Moran was very much a part of that plan.

Just as Ivan had recommended Scott Autrey to Exeter in '73, so tiny Kelly replicated that formula for success and the supporters had every reason to feel optimistic. Unfortunately, they made an inauspicious start and lost to the Dukes 36—42, and were beaten at Halifax 45—33, where Kelly failed to score. That match did, however, afford him with an early opportunity to experience Britain's notoriously unpredictable climate, as Pete Rovazzini recalled:.

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It started snowing and he looked at me and said, "Pete, they don't expect me to race in this do they, because I can't tell the crash wall [the wall was white] from where the track ends? I can't tell where the racetrack stops and it begins.

But we rode. That's where we met Chris Pusey and Kenny Carter's father. The Frank Varey trophy was a regional competition that also featured Sheffield and Belle Vue — clubs that Moran would later ride for — and was meant as a warm-up before the serious business of league racing began.

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Those opening weeks were tough for the Californian; there was so much to learn and get used to with bigger, faster tracks, passionate and enthusiastic supporters, the dialect, different machinery and, of course, Britain's infamous weather where it would often be 'siling down' — a local phrase to mean raining heavily. Although universally known as Hull, the city's full name is Kingston upon Hull and it's located in east Yorkshire and sits on the River Hull where its junction meets the Humber estuary — approximately twenty-five miles inland from the North Sea.

At this stage the Humber Bridge was also under construction, a single span suspension bridge that joined the East Riding of Yorkshire with north Lincolnshire. Its construction had begun in and while Kelly was a Hull rider he wouldn't see it completed — it was eventually opened for vehicles in June Locals became dismayed by the length of time it took to build as it was delayed by poor weather, strikes, and difficulties with the bank's foundations, and it became such a political issue long before work commenced that Christopher Rowe wrote and recorded a protest song with Ian Clarke entitled 'The Humber Bridge'.

Therefore, the bridge would serve as something of a metaphor for the building of Kelly's own career because by the time he left the Vikings, like the bridge, he had built himself a very promising profession, but wasn't quite the complete rider. Richard Harrison, whose father Bernard would be Kelly's full-time mechanic in and would himself twirl the spanners for Shawn Moran and help out the elder Moran on occasion, used to travel with his dad to Hull when the club first joined the top division in Bernard used to prepare the bikes for Bobby Beaton and, subsequently, other Vikings riders.

However, Richard doesn't exactly have romantic recollections of the Boulevard, although he reveals that they did witness the slow construction of the bridge during his regular journeys to the stadium: 'It was a bit of a dump really, not the best of places.

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We watched them build the Humber Bridge, it started with like stumps in the ground and then over the years we watched them towers climb up. We used go down the M62 and then take the dual carriageway straight in — quite an easy place to get to. It was on the outskirts of Hull, at the end of the M62, but there were houses built around it. The houses were quite close by. Therefore, the track was built around the rugby pitch and its yard metre circumference was significantly larger than anything that Kelly had raced on in California — America's leading track at the time, Costa Mesa, was only yards metres but very wide.

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The turns were quite tight, the straights narrow and it didn't have the natural arc in the corners that other circuits of that size had, something that esteemed sports journalist, Richard Bott, amusingly noted when he wrote, 'The track was so narrow even the mice went round in single file. Bott covered Hull's fortunes for the local and national speedway press in those days and recalled in a correspondence with the author: 'Kelly once described it as being like "walking down a narrow hallway and turning left into the dining room.

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