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The German army had all but lost World War I.

Indeed, Emperor Wilhelm II knew in August that the situation was largely hopeless and that his own position was in danger. Nevertheless, his own military vowed to fight on.

Jewish German Revolution by Lee Crane

Even as peace negotiations were under way, the German Imperial Naval Command hatched a plan to fight one last battle against the British navy in the English Channel. The sailors, battleweary and eager to get home, staged a mutiny.

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Some disobeyed orders to weigh anchor while others committed sabotage. In the course of just a few weeks, the mutiny grew into a country-wide revolution, spreading to all coastal cities and elsewhere. On the afternoon of Nov.

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But he wasn't the only one to proclaim revolution. The memories are very vivid because the break between my previous life and the new circumstances was extraordinary. Everything that happened from the 30th of January in until we left for South Africa in put pressure on my life.

Eugen Leviné: A Jewish, Marxist, Russian & German Revolutionary

It wasn't by chance that Hitler chose Nuremberg. It was called the "Franconian Jerusalem. It brought us closer together.

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  4. You were twelve when you emigrated to South Africa in At first, our arrival wasn't noticed. About 6, people came from Germany and the majority were Jews. In the National Party's opinion, we were the right color, being white, but had the wrong religion. So in , Jews were not able to emigrate to South Africa any longer. We were the lucky ones.

    As German Jews, we had the chance to try to leave. Jews in Eastern Europe were trapped. The world should be open and ready to receive those people in need, whatever the need is. That is a very deep question which worries me a great deal. The era after the first democratic election, which was a period of great enthusiasm and great hope, was followed by Mandela's short presidency.

    The elites didn't fulfill the hopes of the people and became too selfish and concerned with their own affairs. It cannot go on the way it is at the moment, and must be changed by the coming generations.

    1918: Revolution in Germany - 20th Century Almanac

    South Africa's revolution of change has not yet ended. You came back to live in Germany from Do you feel that Jews are in danger again in Germany? I would say, yes.

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    If you had asked me that question in when I came from England, I would have said, Jews in danger in Germany? It's not the Germany of ! It's the irrationality of racism which just distresses one wherever it rears its head. And it is rearing its head in Germany again.

    Ruth Weiss is a legend among African journalists. She has interviewed many African leaders including Nelson Mandela.

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    Her work is now on display at the Jewish Museum in Cape Town. Ruth Weiss fled from the Nazis in and headed for South Africa, where she later campaigned against apartheid. She now lives in Germany. DW spoke with her about racism in Africa and multicultural interaction. During the Holocaust, some German-Jews immigrated to South Africa, which was in the middle of a different kind of ethnic conflict.

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    During the Holocaust, many Jewish refugees settled in South Africa. Now Cape Town is rich in Jewish culture.