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The story takes you from Martin's initial diagnosis with cancer and follows his life for three years. It is a rollercoaster of heartache, betrayal and an almost insurmountable battle to get the expensive drug that could save his life. With no option but to go it alone he embarks on a public campaign to highlight his and other sufferers plight. In a race against time, he and a handful of brave cancer patients tell their stories and force an incredible u-turn by the government in the full glare of the media spotlight.

Product Details About the Author. About the Author Martin has been fighting cancer for three years. Average Review. Write a Review.

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Chicago Stories - Growing Up in the Windy. Tim is the youngest son of Irish American immigrants growing up in Chicago in the Will there really be some kind of global showdown in Paris? If there is, it will be about more than just reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and plugging in renewable energy. At stake are issues of equity and inequality, the future of food, and the trajectory of livelihoods everywhere in the century ahead. Toulmin was one of many voices at the EFC General Assembly in Milan in May arguing that the ties between climate and life itself are no longer theoretical, but are pulling hard at the edges of global society.

The world currently sits at around 0. In , countries tried to reach such an agreement in Copenhagen. Those negotiations ended in failure, recrimination and six years of hard work to rebuild the foundations of an effective convention. It is fervently hoped that the Paris conference will be the culmination of that fresh start and proof that a truly global solution is possible.

Events leading up to Paris have not made the task look easy. But there is one significant difference from the near universal urgency of the feeling that something must be done. The collapse of the Copenhagen conference came down to a deep split between developed and developing countries over the equity of responsibilities that each was asked to take on. Conventional wisdom held that developed countries pump out most of the greenhouse gases, while developing countries soak up most of the impacts.

Many negotiators will arrive in Paris with the demand that all countries do their share. This so-called Green Climate Fund could get off to a real start in Paris , or it could cede to yet another plan. For Naidoo, this is more than a side deal. For decades, the politics of climate negotiation have been shaped and constrained by a logic of rich countries and poor countries, but the real story of climate change is about people, today and tomorrow. And residents of rich countries are becoming less confident that they will ride out the storm.

This lens of inequality is growing in power. In , the Ford Foundation became the largest donor yet to reorient its activities wholly towards the problem of inequality and its drivers. But how does climate change make the unequal more unequal? In a great many ways, as it turns out. Who will I be when I die?

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