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The method I use to train service dogs has been passed down from generation to generation. I use a number of techniques to induce dogs into the hypnotic state, but the main one I use involves first getting the dog to stop small muscle movements.

I get the dogs to stop and their eyes to quit looking around. Even if your dog was in mid-air or feet away it will do everything you say. Notice how if you look at every other pet or service dog trainer website in North America, only a couple other dog trainers have anything remotely close to what you see in my photos and videos.

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If there were something better that what I am doing, I would drop what I am doing, and do what they are doing instead. Write me if you see someone getting better results training dogs using Dog Hypnosis.

How To Hypnotize A Dog

Again, all my clients can make their dogs stay for an hour after the second lesson. The fossil is million years old, but most dog training methods take almost as long to work.

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If you and your dog live to years, that is not enough time to get your dog trained. Most of my clients are like you. They want a Tibetan Mastiff that is totally compliant like Mister Puppy. Mister Puppy moults and his hair comes out in chunks. The big puppy gets pretty skanky-looking in early summer.

Owner Catches Cat Hypnotizing The Dog Which Happens to be Hilarious > Puppy Toob

A lot of hair comes off when Misty Puppy is combed. Imagine your dog looking like Mister Puppy. This is after just a couple lessons of training. I have Chihuahuas and other little dogs doing the same thing. This is the kind of dog training where the people are standing around with their mouths open dumbfounded because they never saw anything like Dog Hypnosis before and are astounded.

How to Hypnotize Your Dog in 5 Easy Steps

My clients are blown away in the first lesson. You do what I say and you will get the same results as I do with dogs. I told you everything you need to know on this page to have a perfectly trained dog.

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The question I have been asked more than once is, can you hypnotize pets, in particular my dog? Well here is the answer:.

Owner Catches Cat Hypnotizing The Dog Which Happens to be Hilarious

Want to experience hypnosis right there in the comfort of your home??? Along with this recording you will also be subscribed to my hypnosis newsletter where I provide insightful information for your mind, body and soul. Much like what I do with my clients during a session. Gently pet the dog, this will establish trust and a connection.

It is ok to talk to you pet, tell them they are good, speak soothing words to them.

You can also play soothing, calming music in the background. Now at his point the pet may appear to be hypnotized.