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I can't stop thinking about that day before you loved me Did something that i love.

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Travel a lot, see a lot, hang out a lot Hi guys, I am looking for song where man is singing something like "ghost to me". It is somehow calm and nice song. I have heard it several times but I don't know if it is new or older song. The artist is Cameron Philip, and it is in the end card for a lot of his YouTube videos. Hello people! I love you I try I try I try" in chorus Sound the bell to anyone? The song starts something like this "Heaven send you to be part of my lover I know it didn't make sense but that's what I heard over the radio.

It sounds like an 80's pop song. Anyone knows the name of the song please? Familiar to anyone? He makes your knees go weak and makes your heart beat fast How often does he tell you that you're the only one for him? Looking for a song has been played on uk radio recently, guy has a weird voice kinda like a muppet lol. Im looking for a song that should be around or so it has the vibe of "miss magazine" by romance on a rocket ship. Im no good for youuu" or somthing like that, heavy autotune, no the ref song and the one im looking for are not the same song.

I'm looking for a song I saw on Youtube. The album cover was pitch black and blood red something about a house.

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The voice was very deep, slow, and menacing. The lyrics was something like "did you get lost" and "what are you doing here? I believe this is a recent song, not something more than 15 years old. Please help me , I am really enjoy this Ad on YouTube. It is an acoustic song The lyrics are: My baby made me feel nice Won't you please stay for the night Everything gonna be alright When you by my side.

I'm trying to find a song that I heard on YouTube the lyrics go- Lost one tell me do you want to be found you caught me moments before i hit the ground and I hear voices screaming to run away. Hi guys. Thank you for your help. Guys, I'm looking this song where it the chorus goes.. Hey im trying to find a song and the lyrics are: and in the dead of night you can hear the people singing I found this song in an insta story and I could not find out the name It goes like.. My boys gonna go out, gonna do a workout, abs gonna popup , girls gonna freak out. That's all I could get really appreciate it of anyone could help.

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I have trouble finding this song, only remember those reff "Where we will go we could just slow down that light we could just slow down" I've tried using those lyric but no one song that I'm searching for.. Help me to find a song the lyrics is like ,,hold up for anything strange am a bit shy,, i really like this song snd im very happy who really find it. Trying to find a song thats a guy singing, high pitchef, kinda like ruel, the lyrics i remember, and get stuck in my head every time i hear it at work, iiiiii still love you, It's annoying me that i cant find it.

I can usually find anything. I need this song I heard on the radio. It sounded like drake and it sounded like it had some sort of choir or it might've been just one person.

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Looking for a song at the store i work at Trying to find the name of a fast paced song that goes like this:'everybody is walking down and running down to pakistan, everybody the has such a lovely suntan, slower sun tan pakistan , dadada da an' Its mroe of a rock song and is really fats paced. Looking for a song with the following lyrics qinisela mtanami umendo unsima it was released in the 90s but dont know the musician. I am looking for a song that is about a girl whose friend lends her some pills and she goes home for her dad to start screaming at her then she goes to her room and pops 2.

Heard it on radio today, a man is singing "say what you want, not ready" if any1 has any ideas anno very vague!! I'm look for a song that says something like ' sad days lord of a dancia ' then something real quick in foreign language then it breaks into a nice beat and doesn't have many other words in the track????

Find song by lyrics I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of. Sarah 15 November Reply Looking for a song and it's a indie guitar rock song with a male singer probably released within the past 10 years. Steven 15 November Reply Looking for a song I heard in a video. Harvey M. Makilpa 15 November Reply I'm looking for kpop song with lyrics like bing bing bing bing and leon. Newmeloon 21 November Reply Chi chi- Leon. Kate 15 November Reply Please, help to find a song.

Alanah W. Adam P 16 November Reply Found it! Heartbreaker - Gloria Tells. Anonymous 16 November Reply Am looking for a song that starts like this; I don't know anything don't know what's possible but anything and everything seems possible, I need someone to guild me whenever am falling down, falling down, may be an dreaming Robert Valentine 16 November Reply i have this song tho, i have had in on my mp3 for a while and in this song i think it says: who is she, does she realy wanna know me.

Lina 16 November Reply I'm looking for a song that I heard many years ago I heard on vh1 and I don't really remember the words but I do remember the video being a couple living in a beating heart. Anonymous 16 November Reply I'm looking for this song. Anonymous 16 November Reply Hello!

Mikaila Aira Pratama 16 November Reply I'm looking for a song that can make people inspired by it. Maybe a rap or something. Anonymous 16 November Reply trying to find this song, I heard this in some youtube video background the lyrics are - " since you've gone no words, no phone Mark Ollard.

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Ty Gloski. Ethan D. Cole Neustaedter. Lis Ferla. Tim Emanuel. The Signal. Gareth F-L. Alan Mays. Jerome Haas.

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Trev Elkin. Simon Jones. Purchasable with gift card. Breathless Moby Dick Walnuss Yosemite Free Klartraum Rollerskate Diamonds And I assume that's going to reflect this production for the tour that you're doing. Can you explain what's driving the change? I just wanted to play with my visual identity more than I had before, because when I look at the artists who I think are really fascinating, and often there's been a different archetype per record.

Like Bowie or someone like Grace Jones who is very like classically beautiful but makes herself look like a freak. What an awesome subversion. And how powerful that can be, and so, very much on a whim, I dyed my hair blond. I intended for it to be blond, but then it was orange, and then it was yellow and it was a lot of really bad colors, but I finally got it to this Daphne Guinness grey.

And does this relate to the production aspect of what you're doing with the shows? For the cover, I was inspired by the Memphis design movement. And I was thinking kind of analogous to what I'm trying to do musically. I worked with this guy Willo Perron on the conceiving on the cover and he helped me execute the idea. An archetype of, like, a near-future cult leader started to emerge. I just kept thinking this phrase, "The power's in the pose.

And so we built this crazy Memphis chair and we took a lot of photos in it. And it was interesting to look at the little micro-movements and how they translated to powerful or not powerful. I had my legs to the side in the throne and it looked like, a demented Hollywood starlet from the '40s like, golden age of Hollywood, I guess. And then various micro-movements translated so much energetically.

Eventually, we ended on what just looked the most powerful and intentional. There was nothing unconsidered about this photograph. There was nothing sloppy or just a blown out. It was clean and symmetrical and very, very considered.

And I'm taking that kind of aesthetic into the live show with the stage design and the set design. I'm boring you. Actually, I know well myself this problem of being bored during the interviews, of boring oneself.

St. Vincent: "I have this sound in my head. How do I get it here in my fingers?"

I have lived that problem. Maybe the issue here is the interviewer. I will try to ask a few better questions. For example, have you thought about the semiotics of dying your hair grey? I think I was intending on blue. Blue faded into grey.