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Margot is fiercely ambitious and works her way from being an usherette in a West End theatre to the Leading Lady of the show. However, she soon finds herself caught up in a web of deceit, black-market racketeers, Nazis, drugs and alcohol. While working with the French Resistance Claire falls in love. The affair has to be kept secret. Even after her lover is captured by the Gestapo, Claire cannot tell anyone. Fearing she will never again see the man she loves Claire sets out to find him.

Claire shows the same grit and determination in the sequel Chasing Ghosts when she sets out to find her missing husband and prove he is innocent of treason.

Ena Dudley, the youngest sister, works in an engineering factory making small dials and disks bound for a secret location. When Coventry is bombed, Ena has to take this vital equipment to Bletchley Park. Travelling on the To Bletchley train she is robbed. When she is accused of being involved, she investigates. While trying to clear her name Ena discovers the thief is a spy.

With the help of military intelligence, Ena traps the spy, and while doing so, falls in love. I am an Indie author.

Foxden Acres

I design my own covers, and then send them to a graphics company. A spy is murdered and someone we care about is cleverly framed. As with the first and fifth books in the saga, the four Dudley sisters are in this story. Total photographic recall.


Also, since I moved to the country, I have encouraged wild birds by hanging fat balls and seed feeders in the trees. I get a tremendous amount of pleasure watching them. I also have a hedgehog who ignores me when he scurries along the path and a pond with goldfish, black velvety Tench and silver and red Shubunkin.


Once the fish had names. There are too many now. I would want to be in on the casting too. I spent six weeks of my summer holiday on an Indian Reservation when I was eleven. That was my favourite holiday. If you would rather sit at a computer all day than play baseball, you must be quackers. It was the 80th anniversary of the beginning of WW2 — and the first time 80 veterans who had worked at Bletchley Park were recognised for the huge contribution they made to ending the war.

I would like to say a big thank you to Madalyn Morgan for sharing with us details of her writing life and for a wonderful interview. Share your thoughts on our interview with Madalyn Morgan in the comment section below! The above links are affiliate links. I receive a very small percentage from each item you purchase via these link, which is at no extra cost to you. If you are thinking about purchasing the book, please think about using one of the links. All money received goes back into the blog and helps to keep it running. Thank you. I always enjoy your interviews.

Hi Tasha. Thank you for taking the time to write a message. I love researching new stuff. Berlin at that time was fascinating. Not a bundle of laughs, but fascinating. Fabulous, thanks Madalyn, you are such an interesting person and author. I hope everyone discovers you. Thanks Stacy. Thank you, Jane. Thank you, lixa Yari Roncone. You probably already are. I always love your interviews, you really get to see the inner workings of the authors here.

Thanks for sharing a new to me author! I also love the interviews and was very pleased when I was asked to contribute. Love your name, Caffeinated Fae. Thanks for introducing Madalyn to me… I am curious to find out more about the Dudley sisters now so off to read those books soon. Thank you, Vidya. Print-on-demand can be excellent, but, if you want your book to be up to publishing industry standards, then think about paying a bit more. Spend a little time deciding on the format of the book, the type of paper, and the finish of the cover.

Maybe you even want to add a little bit of embossing or foil to the front? Tip 5. Tip 6. Keep learning. A commitment to improvement is essential in making any book as good as it can be. And you can do that too.

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About Carol:. Hybrid author Carol Cooper is best known as a doctor, journalist, and president of the Guild of Health Writers. She contributes to The Sun newspaper, broadcasts on TV and radio, and has a string of trade-published non-fiction books to her name.

Foxden Acres by Madalyn Morgan

Now she writes and publishes novels, the latest being Hampstead Fever , a contemporary tale of urban life. Blurb for Hampstead Fever :. Ex-con Dan has it all. The perfect job and a new baby with his dream woman. So why is he still an outsider?

I am Currently Reading:

Laure had baby Jack late in life. Motherhood is terrifying. Now he wants adventure. Where does that leave girlfriend Harriet? As a divorcee with four kids, romance is on her to-do list, just below the laundry. But why all the mystery? A slice of contemporary multi-cultural London life to make you laugh, cry, and nod in recognition. Twitter: DrCarolCooper.

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Amazon author page: Carol Cooper. Hampstead Fever on Amazon: Hampstead Fever. Thank you for a most informative article, Carol. Good luck with your next publications. We will be watching with interest. Would you like to write for the RNA blog?

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I adore cats and used to have four at one time, including a diabetic one we had to inject with insulin twice a day, but have none now as we go away so much. I'm mad about Bryan Ferry, having met him twice and been to 21 of his concerts and you won't find me more than a few feet away from chocolate, fudge or toffee and preferably all three. When I'm not blogging or reading I'll be planning a holiday! Thanks so much for inviting me to appear on this wonderful blog. I've always been a bookworm - or rather, I was once I got glasses at the age of almost 8 and realised those strange smudges on a piece of paper were actually magical words that could transport me somewhere else.

I loved inspiring youngsters to read for pleasure when I taught English and then when I left teaching and became an Educational Consultant I was asked by Hodder to read and review KS3 aged children's books with a view to them being used as class readers.