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Betty Short did not crawl for any man not ever.

So it was the Bone Doctor inflicted such hurt upon me: that I would not submit to him in the disgusting way he wished. Of course—I did not know what would befall me. I did not know what my little cries No! Norma Jeane Baker had not a real contract yet, either—though she led people to think she did. Except in actual life—there is no music.

No matter how gorgeous your face is—nobody gives a damn. When K. It was Betty Short who engaged K.

I was twenty then. I was so gorgeous, walking into the Top Hat—or the Canteen—or some drug store—every eye turned on me in the wild thought—Ohh is that Hedy Lamarr? Norma Jeane said if she walked into some place eyes would flash on her and people would think— Ohh is that Jean Harlow? I was not jealous of Norma.

Joyce Carol Oates's story, Black Dahlia and White Rose, inspired by the video Game LA Noire.

In fact, Norma was like a sister to me. Not like my bitch-sisters back in Medford, cut me out of their lives like I was dirt. You would be led to believe it was the first of many such honors culminating in an Academy Award Oscar for Best Actress…. This was June Looking through my camera lens sometimes I thought Betty Short was the one. Other times, I thought Norma Jeane Baker.

All the girlie mags— Swank, Peek, Yank, Sir! Young girls needing money to live and older guys with money—in L. Smaller than Betty and dreamy-eyed where Betty was sort of hard-staring and taking everything in with those dark-glassy eyes of hers all smudged in mascara—Norma Jeane was no more than a size two and her body perfectly proportioned—exquisite like something breakable.

See, the trick was getting Norma to lie on the crinkly-crimson-velvet like she was a piece of candy—to be sucked. What I never told the L. In fact it was Norma Jeane Dr. One day in September the phone rang— Hello? Is this K. Keinhardt the pin-up photographer I am speaking to? The deal was, Dr.

How many times did Dr. Same kind of glasses as Truman. Starched white shirt, no necktie but a good-quality coat and pressed trousers.

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Graying-brown hair trimmed and with a part on the left. Kind of stubby fingers for a surgeon but Dr. Of Betty Short whom he saw photographed on three separate occasions Dr.

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That black-haired vixen. Something in my manner discouraged him. Afterward I tried to find out who Dr. A year or so before in L.

Black Dahlia White Rose: Stories

At 20th Century-Fox I went to auditions all the time. But Betty Short had the wrong complexion for blond—so dyed-black hair was perfect for her. Trying to get Betty Short work in the studios. And I was so jealous! So I backed off. Betty seemed angry at most men. Betty had great faith in this, more than any of us—if you could be a star , all would be changed for you.

It was not an Okie name! No one in my family was Okie or anything near. Betty was always looking at herself in a mirror. Well—this is true! Now—there will be a new life. The saddest thing was—oh not the saddest maybe—but it was awful! But I could tell the detectives nothing that others had not told them. Three days before the morning she was found in the vacant lot dumped like trash, the kidnap must have happened. Betty had been last seen at the Biltmore Hotel at about 9 PM where she had gone to meet someone—maybe? For days he had her tied up in secret, it was revealed in the newspapers. It is too terrible for me to say.

Oh Betty what has happened to you!

Black Dahlia & White Rose

I was twenty-two then. Waiting for me in his shiny black Packard sedan outside K. For always in that first instant if you are female an instinct comes to you: can this one be handled, or no.

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  • Joyce Carol Oates's story, Black Dahlia and White Rose, inspired by the video Game LA Noire.;
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  • I would think that you are born of Hollywood—you have stepped out of a movie—or of the night. He will fall in love with me—he will be in my power. What is her last name? Before the dinner we would stop by a place he knew, Dr. For he had forgot something essential—his wallet. He said with an awkward wink. Maybe—this will be the one. Screw you! We will! But then, you could not trust her. Where would she go?

    Black Dahlia & White Rose: Stories

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    Black Dahlia & White Rose: Stories

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