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In this video, the Security Officer from the Character Creation video and a traitor go head to head in the middle of a mutiny! And also with the guys from the BAMF!

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Check it out here! I went on the Swarmcast Podcast as well! It's always great to talk with Jon! This is Shades of Vengeance's 29th crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, including multiple Core Rulebooks of this scale. While we haven't been mistake-free, we've always delivered on or ahead of time except for two occasions, where a delay was agreed with Backers to give them more content!

We use each successive Kickstarter to build on the lessons learned from the previous, and we learn fast.

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At this point, we're confident in our ability to deliver the rewards we're committing to and to keep you informed if there are any delays. The biggest individual challenge for this Kickstarter is managing a team of artists and writers from all over the world. We all live in different timezones, so coordinating is a huge logistical challenge. Ed's a Project Manager by trade and has some experience in this area, however!

We're dedicated first and foremost to continuing delivering you the best material we can, and secondly to bring it to you on time. We hope you'll support our efforts to do that! The information about the setting, short stories and information about the Triplanetary Confederation's locations, planets and people, all in one handy Digital book 92, words. This contains none of the rules or game material, but has loads of new stories by Richard Tongue, along with the definitive guide to the Triplanetary Confederation!

Create characters and roam the universe with this digital book, made from pages taken from the core rulebook. This contains everything a player needs: an introduction to the universe, the rules and character creation, including starting equipment! Create characters and roam the universe with this book, made from pages taken from the core rulebook. Get the full colour, page Core Rulebook.

It contains everything you need to play characters in the Battlecruiser Alamo universe. In response to a special request from one of our backers, we've added the Digital Core Rulebook and the Digital Rulebook Primer into one tier! Apr 4, - Apr 29, 25 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. For the first time, play in Richard Tongue's expansive and exciting Sci-Fi universe - explore space for the Triplanetary Confederation! Shades of Vengeance. Last updated February 7, Share this project. London, UK Tabletop Games.

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Shipping destination. It also includes some exclusive material written specially for this project by Richard Tongue! Grab everything Digital for this game in one go! It includes the Digital Version of the Rulebook.

It also includes the Digital Format! Last Tango in Aberystwyth - Malcolm Pryce k - p Saturday's Child - Ray Banks k - p The Unremembered - Peter Orullian e - p Peril at End House - Agatha Christie p - p Mirror Image - Michael G Coney k - p Wolfhound Century - Peter Higgins k - p Last edited by DrNefario; at AM. Being a geneticist in training and profession, I have always been more than slightly wary of philosophy -- I intend to change that and read at least 5 philosophy books in January 1.

In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall I had read later books by her, but never the story of the start of the project. A classic, and highly recommendable, even though some of the research and certainly the employed methods are dated. A good, honest book. More about markets and less about farm than I liked, but nothing less than promised.

Definitely recommended to those interested in food and agricultural politics.

A flourishing communist endeavor in crisis bitten capitalist and royalist Spain, what can be a better subject for a successful journalist from the Guardian? I don't quite know, but I hope there are some, because this book by Hancox was a severe disappointment. Hancox writing style and story-line are rather tiring, there's no chronological or other order with regards to the chapter outline, nor within the chapters.

There's a lot of jumping back and forth, with as logical consequence both omissions and repetitions all over the place. The most disturbing, however, is the lack of objectivity towards Marinaleda's major, Gordillo. Without doubt a charismatic leader, his flaws and political scheming are either not discussed at all, or brushed aside. When one reads between the lines, and does some further research, it turns out that the success of Marinaleda rather depends on governments subsidies than the collective farm and associated collective industries that employ most of the village citizens.

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As briefly mentioned in the book, work at the farm of industries depends on active participation on unpaid Red-Sunday labor for the 'collective good'. Many of the practices described in the book are a more than subtle reminder of a Stalinist society fortunately without the Gulags, but with the intimidation. And indeed, the book seems to fit in nicely as Stalinist propaganda. Last edited by Soldim; at AM. Victim of Geography: Read books from different countries. I read way too many books written by authors from the United States and the United Kingdom.

The top six countries in my reading are: United States - , United Kingdom - , Canada - 37, Japan - 9, Ireland - 8 , India - 8 As sad as that is for my home country of Canada, I'm more concerned with the having only read books from 24 countries at present. I'm about to remedy that situation and start along an epic 70 country, km journey through the world by books. Join my thread over at GoodReads for all the discussion of books and nonsense that comes with the journey.

Spoiler : 1. Spoiler : Amnesty books can be declared for any previously visited country this year. My challenge in will be to keep track of what I read, try to keep the number of "active" series down and finish the challenge I started in of reading a book published in every year since I was born. I haven't made much headway with that last challenge in and still need to read 26 books for that.

As an unofficial challenge I want to read some of the longer books that I've bought but never read. I've set up a page on my blog where I keep track of my reading and challenges: Bianca's Reading Challenge Last edited by pdurrant; at AM. Leviathan vs. Last edited by ucfgrad93; at PM.


Goal Finish books Made Goal! Asimov's SF Feb. I'd call this the insect issue. Nothing outstanding. Hatcher's Evaluation James Van Pelt was great. Rest was ok. Cozy mystery.

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Good read, but lacks the wit of the first 2 in series. SciFi Thriller. Reads like a screenplay, a little predictable, but I loved it. Scifi - Enjoyed. Good plot. Predates Vorkosigan saga by centuries.