Manual At the Edge of Forever

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Neil Butler from the UK south west is the brain behind the Spatialize sound. Contact Spatialize. Streaming and Download help. If you like Spatialize, you may also like:. Fairchildren by Ott. Cosmic Dubs by Bluetech. Somatics Serenade is certainly one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard I usually rate music on a scale It is so good that it makes the rest of the EP appear mediocre in comparison Jonas R. Codex VI by Shpongle.

This album was refreshing to listen to. Many details and layers, listening to it is a journey!

Edge Of Forever

Thank you! Chilled out electronica instantly transports you to a balmy summer night on the beach in Ibiza. July by Jet Jaguar. Inside Out by meeting by chance. Can't get enough Twin Peaks revival? Explore music.


On the Edge of Forever by Spatialize. Sergio Potenza. Sergio Potenza This is a gorgeous downtempo album. Beautiful tracks from start to finish. This what the modern music needs: our roots and journey beyond.

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Favorite track: Indelible. Daniel Sol [Ensancha el Alma Rec.

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever

Rob Lee. Senor Denzil. Bryan Van Norden. Bernard Poulard. Josh Matthews. Tarl Broad-Ashman. Chris Twining.

Chris The Fixer Guy. Carolina morales. Joshua Siegel. The coat seems a different shade as well. However, the editing is far better than what was done in the 70s, when it was left to the local stations to do it. Back then my local station would just take out a single chunk, and the viewer was left to figure out what plot points were missing.

Some of the cuts were just awful—often times they just lopped off the teaser. Nope that is the color his wardrobe always was. You must have been used to watching some awful old poor quality copies ;. The pictures I put up do not have Spock in his coat or his cap, his button up shirt is a light blue, mabye your getting it confused with his dark coat? In the teaser, faint rumbles have been added to the soundtrack each time the Enterprise passes through one of the small time displacement waves. I definitely remember some rumbles for the time waves in the original version of the episode, although if you watch here they continue to move the camera for some sublte shaking effects after the big ones, and those do not have sound effects.

  • 'The City on the Edge of Forever' is Remembered as One of 'Trek''s Best.
  • 17 June - 1 October 2017.
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  • The City on The Edge of Forever - Skyboat Media.
  • The City on The Edge of Forever - Skyboat Media?

I retract all of my previous positive comments about Trek Remastered. Look at the first screengrab above. The light falling on the Enterprise is coming from the far left. The light hitting the planet is coming from the right. And those nacelle caps… These episodes deserve far better. I agree with above.

Plus, I miss the light on the rear of the secondary hull shutting off as the ship orbits the planet. I always figured that was Kirk turning it off, after using the bathroom! Noticed spocks hair was jet black and combed straight with alot of hair spray! At least this episode had very few effects shots, so there was less for these hatchet masters to screw up.

They are really hot. Just look at this. In the last remastered screenshot, Kirk just looks so sad, it could make some people cry and all of us including me really feel sorry for him.

The human and sometimes Vulcan face can strongly express. By the way, I agree with Zora, Shater is funny young and old, but also intentionally and unintentionally. Funny quotes from Shatner impersonated from other shows: auditioning for Mr. Shatner going to the German festival thingy with Peter.

The Edge of Forever

My sisters and I, long-time Trekkers, have discussed the bum at length. Roddenberry… thus in the Star Trek universe, there was no Roddenberry. What a rip-off. That crummy script got an award. The real genius is all the Trek people,that contributed to the episode,not some blowhard with an axe to grind. Notify me of. I allow to use my email address and send notification about new comments and replies you can unsubscribe at any time. October 7, pm. Captain James B.

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Duane Boda. October 8, am. Well, the episode was still good, but I miss the bum vaporizing himself. I wonder what other bits were cut out? So… a plug for the DVDs I guess, remastered or otherwise. Dip Thong. Adam Cohen. Anyone notice — — The new shot of the tricorder screen as the circuit boards are shorting out?

Red Alert! Beam in the latest Star Trek updates!

Matt Wright. October 8, pm.

follow url Out here in the bay area we have channel 12, no HD, no HD version of the channel… :. Jeff Bond. October 9, am. Greg Stamper. October 9, pm.