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Thank you to his sponsor Jose Redondo for helping him reach this threshold. Thank you to our partner Airline Ambassadors International, our contributors, donors, and volunteers for believing in our work, trusting us with your hard earned money, time, energy and prayers. Get involved!

Thanks to our wonderful family at Valley Family Church who blessed Our Small Community with the most wonderful vehicle. Because of this amazing blessing, we have been able to take our children to outings every other Sunday afternoon. Nick is now able to go to his medical appointments without stress of bad weather, and of course we are able to save money on food by shopping at the big street market in Port-au-Prince, and get other items such as charcoal from the South.

History waits for no man. I've got an appointment with destiny in Clermont.

Christmas for any child is one of the most special times of the year. It is a season of love and sharing.

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It is a season that people go the extra mile to do extraordinary things for themselves like buying new clothes, shoes, bags etc. The unfortunate part is that not everyone has the pleasure or joy to enjoy this festive season because of the circumstances they find themselves in. Can we count on you to help make this the best Christmas for some of the most vulnerable children in the Caribbean? Chrismina is a beautiful little girl who joined our Small Community of Family in September of She is shy and loving.

Your sponsorship gives hope to our children. A digital place to post special messages to each other, including photos, drawings, cards, and letters. We give praise to God for Gina and Chris, volunteers from our faithful partner Airline Ambassadors, who came down after the hurricanes to bless our children. A day after they left, our very own Manmie Cindy and Manmie Anna made sure we had enough school supplies to bless those needy children of our community and topped off their trip with ice cream and cake for everyone.

We all had a blast! The month of September marked the beginning of our homeschooling program. In 2 short weeks, our 3 and 4 years old have already learned their 4 basic colors red, blue, black and white , and Adison, at 4 years old, is a bit more advanced as he can recognize the basic colors and yellow. Angelique is our newest child at Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou. Within only days of putting up a photo of her on social media, Angelique became fully sponsored. She is a joyous child, always smiling and she hardly cries.

Summer will forever be etched in our memory. This was the first time such an event was afforded to them and they were ecstatic.

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There was choreographed dancing, singing, painting and performing arts. The children from Our Small Community of Family enjoyed the beauty of country living.

They especially loved bathing in the stream of water that ran across the land. Dryden Stephen K.

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