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I choose health and healing over diets and punishing myself. I can choose my opinion of myself. When I am in my head too much, I can return to my breath, just breath and be okay.

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There is only this moment. I am compassionate and warm. My presence is delightful to people. If I am hungry, I am supposed to let myself eat. Food is what keeps me alive. My well-being is the most important thing to me.

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I am responsible for taking care of me. We are each responsible for ourselves.

No one has the power to make me feel bad about myself without my permission. Chocolate is not the enemy. I can make the choice to include myself in it. Food, drugs, and alcohol are not the solution. But they might seem like it at times, but using these things can make more problems. I have what I need inside of me as the solution.

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There is a guide inside of me who is wise and will always be there to help me on my journey. Sometimes sitting around and doing nothing is just what the doctor ordered. I am a human being, not a human doing.

Looks last about five minutes— or until someone opens their mouth. My life is what I make of it. I have all the power here. I know because this is the way god made me! What is supposedly pleasing to the eye is not always what is pleasing to the touch. Cuddly is good! Body, if you can love me for who I am, I promise to love you for who you are— no one is responsible for changing anyone else.

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Belly, thank you for holding in all my organs and helping me digest. I feed my body life affirming foods so that I can be healthy and vital. I can eat a variety of foods for health and wellness without bingeing. There is more to life that losing weight. If I let go of my obsession with food and my body weight, there is a whole world waiting for me to explore. The numbers on the scale are irrelevant to who I am as a human. Food is not good or bad.

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It has no moral significance. I can choose to be good or bad and it has nothing to do with the amount of calories or carbohydrates I eat. Second Edition For nearly a decade, The Addictive Personality has helped people understand the process of addiction. Addictive thought is inherently self-deceptive, yet offers a superficial logic that can be misleading to the addict as well as to the addict's A history of a childhood abuse is not a life sentence.

Written for adults who were raised as children in dysfunctional families, Adult Children of Alcoholics details the 13 most common characteristics of A collection of positive daily sharings written by Alateen members around the world. This basic primer can help anyone seeking an easy-to-understand explanation of alcoholism and the Alateen program. It's more than a book.

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The Big Book in large print format - softcover 7" X 10" Alcoholics Anonymous-the Big Book-has served as a lifeline to millions worldwide. A brief history of A. An illustrated story to help children understand and cope with the problem of alcoholism or other drug addiction in the family. The toxic costs of anger are well understood: sabotaged careers, alienated family and friends, and even physical damage to a point where illness or Caroline Myss has created a unique set of 72 Archetype Cards, each individually designed to provide the basic Light and Shadow Attributes of a Here in this collection of daily meditations lives the essence of a great spiritual teacher -- one who truly understood the wellspring of life Selected writings from the cofounder of A.

Adult children of alcoholics and drug abusers will want to peruse this encouraging sequel to Beattie's groundbreaking book on the dynamics of Workbook for conducting an in-depth inventory, expanded from P-5 to include additional sections on fear, anger, control, intimacy, sex, finances, and This book of daily meditations focuses on the whole human being with words of inspiration and healing that address all aspects of addiction recovery.

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Boundaries bring order to our lives, strengthen our relationships with others and ourselves, and are essential to our mental and physical health. This book invites teens to examine their lives and relationships. John Bradshaw, a well-known speaker and author on such topics as addiction, recovery, and spirituality, has released a revised version of John In her pioneering Facing Codependence, Pia Mellody traced the origins of codependence back to childhood and a wide range of emotional, spiritual, William Cope Moyers has come a long, long way.

Came to Believe - the spiritual adventure of A. As an internationally respected teacher and lecturer on the Twelve Step method introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous, Joe McQ knows that sponsorship is Is someone else's problem your problem? The famous author of Codependent No More interprets the 12 Steps for people involved in codependent, unsatisfying relationships.

This collection of insightful daily reflections reveals the surprisingly simple things that can transform lives. Product Description: The messages that we give to ourselves are the most important messages we hear. Written by the author of the beloved best-seller, Each Day a New Beginning, this collection of meditations reinforces the key concepts from the book A Book of Reflections by A. This inspiring work shows readers what it feels like to "hit the wall" or "hit bottom" on a spiritual path, and gives them Newly revised, this classic meditation book has brought an eloquent message about living one day at a time to more than a million recovering addicts An alcoholic is someone whose feet are firmly planted in thin air.

Detachment and Enabling combines two classic, user-friendly texts designed for loved ones of addicts and alcoholics. Finally a book that recognizes that not all children that become drug addicted came from abusive and bad families. This landmark study of 1, recovering sex addicts and their families explores how people become sex addicts and the role of culture, family, Freelance journalist Knapp began drinking in her early teens and continued unabatedly until she "hit bottom" in and checked herself When Drop the Rock: Removing Character Defects was first published in , it quickly became the standard resource for working Steps 6 and 7, two of Millions of people around the world spend a few moments in quiet reflection with Karen Casey every day.

How much of your past should you share? Drama-free, Step-friendly advice on attaining, maintaining, and sustaining a committed relationship.

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This beautifully written, heartfelt memoir touched a nerve among both readers and reviewers. Description: In , Ebby Thatcher called an old drinking buddy to tell him about the happiness he was finding in sobriety. In this collection of Grapevine stories, sober women and men describe the transformations sobriety can bring as they practice the principles of AA in I am in awe of what my body is capable of I am stronger than negative thoughts I embrace my individuality I am not my mistakes I am fully committed to achieving my goals I have enough, I do enough, I am enough I deserve love, compassion, and empathy I choose faith over fear I am creating my life exactly how I want it I choose to be positive I am at peace with who I am I matter I act with courage and confidence I am ready to live my life as the exciting adventure that it is I live in the present, and take action to ensure a wonderful future I turn my dreams into goals, and my goals into steps, and turn my steps into action I am willing to change for the better I am worthy of manifesting my biggest dreams I allow love to fill me up and guide me in all of my actions I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself I can do anything I put my mind to I have the courage to keep going I am creating the life of my dreams I am totally in charge of my life I am connected to the endless abundance of the universe I make positive choices for myself I love and accept myself I am productive every day I am valued I love changing, it brings me opportunity I am on the path to achieving my dreams I am capable I am stronger than the power of any illicit drug I have the courage to do good things for myself